home is...

*This is a work-in-progress installation project that has not exhibited anywhere yet.*

In collaboration with ┼×eymanur Ceylan (3D images)


Home is where you left is, is an installation art piece following the question of what would I/You/We/They carry away in times of urgent escape when it is not possible to carry big items? What would be that piece if/when is the return home is unknown? What happens when you have a home but you cannot go (back)?


Home is as a metaphor for being at its purest state. Where we belong, where we are safe, secure and confident. Where we root, where we are launch from.


The question excludes the basic human needs of survival but holds on the need of belonging. To observe this issue, we come across refugee crisis where undivided attention and honorable compassion needed. Because, for centuries by different means, millions of people have been suffering from forced immigration. We experience forced migration in Africa, in Middle East and Mexica-US borders, millions are suffering from war, poverty, violence and suppression –politically, economically, culturally, etc. Moreover, mostly children and women are the ones who are affected worse.

This projects conceptually follows women and takes female experience to its center. Looking from this perspective, this art piece is devoted to mainly refugee women and the women who crossed the border for freedom but faced a destroyed version of their dreams.


Home becomes the place, where you left.


*shorlisted for Art Hawaii Convention 2019