around the table

experimental video-performance (2020)
[work-in-progress video-performance work]

*12 archetypical characters which symbolizes the reflection of identities in human psychology, gathered around a table. While they are creating a cycle together in a dance, they experience their own cycle of life.*

‘Around The Table’ is a performance video based on a conceptual choreography performed by performers. The roles and characters are inspired from the twelve archetypes of Jungian psychology. Although the archetypes based on a psychoanalytic notion, each character is resembling ordinary people we see and experience in everyday life. Relations, connections and confronting situations are main points within the whole performance.

The choreography is co-designed with performance artist Ayça Ceylan. Main idea for the choreography is to create a cycle and build relations within characters through the performances, improvisations and acts around a table.


this is not a renaissance painting

more of a Jungian eyes-wide-open-kind-of dream

birth. death. and anything in-between

dream in a dream within a dream

being, evolving, searching, encountering, facing,

fighting, acting, dancing

power, gender, weakness, hope

victory, history, alienation, evolution

of a person(a), of any person(a), of humanity, of the universe


the world is a four-legged table we dance around

in an archetypical chaos

within ourselves, with each other

all twelve of us


this is not a renaissance painting

I still thought I'd frame it

and hang it

above the table

around the table