experimental video-doc (2017)

My main research and practice interest is to create a critical point towards the modern praxis of architecture which is inspired by historical buildings for both decent and inappropriate examples.

When I am astonished by the impressive historical buildings, I cannot stop asking ‘What makes a building aesthetically, historically and architecturally important and precious? What would do the architect of this piece if s/he was living today? How would be the style, form, scale of the building if that architect would design a contemporary piece?’

Those questions lead me to compare and criticize the architectural practices of today. How the historically meaningful elements of architecture are transformed into, borrowed from, inspired to the nowadays’ architecture?

As the concept of ‘modern’ basically offers to the ‘contemporary’ practices, many modern buildings/structures/designs are confused with replication of architecturally appreciated elements. This tendency has a danger to block the development in design and creativity.

Highlighting a critic-political look to the modern architecture in the era of “New” Turkey, is trolled by the unsuccessful replicates of old Ottoman architecture. The religious buildings are the obvious examples of this troll architecture.
The video compares three architectural pieces. One is from Ottoman architecture where Sinan The Great Architect created ‘modern architecture’ of his time and the New Turkey troll architecture which is pretending as descendants of Ottoman while there is another ‘modern’ architecture is going on considering the religious practice as a peaceful and sincere attitude.